Older homes are an absolute treasure. Their charm and character are often difficult to replicate given the cost of building materials in our modern economy. Chianelli Building Solutions, Inc. is a home general contractor with the knowledge and ability to make the upgrades to these historic homes without negatively affecting the aesthetics and old-world charm of these historic dwellings.

While the aesthetic charm of the “old-world home” is first rate, the updated technology used in today’s building practices is literally second to none. Energy costs are consistently on the rise and these older homes do not have the adequate insulation or updated heating and cooling systems in place to combat these rising energy costs. Chianelli Building Solutions, Inc. is a highly accomplished renovation contractor who brings the most qualified experts to your home and install the most cost effective and modernized materials. Let us help you bring your beautiful historic home into the 21st century.

Mother nature can strike at a moment’s notice and destroy or damage parts of your home, leaving your house, you, and your family in an extremely vulnerable position. Please know that we are here to help you! We will work with your insurance company to restore your home back to its original condition. Our crews will ensure that your house looks even better than it did prior to the damage, and we will make sure that every detail is accounted for, so you are not taken advantage of by a larger corporation in your time of vulnerability.

We have successfully completed many home renovations over the last several decades. We get personally involved with every project, every detail and every moment. We make it a point to remain in constant communication with you, our client, every step of the way so that you are never left with unanswered questions or concerns.